A series of instructional videos were commissioned by Skanska to train NHS staff and engineers to the running of a new wing of the St Barts Hospital in Central London. The videos included several animated segments which had to be informative and simple yet accurate. I worked from technical drawings provided by Skanska engineers which I had to simplify to graphical shapes, more than a small challenge on such a large building with so many complex systems.

Role / Resposibilities: Editing, Motion Graphics

Gearhouse Broadcast

This ident was created for Gearhouse Broadcast, a large television broadcasting equipment rental company, for an upcoming tradeshow. Their previous idents and promotional videos had been very dry and technical with a heavy focus their products. With this one I wanted to focus on the high profile events they work with, and make it more of an exciting experience, weaving their products in here and there.

Role / Resposibilities: Concept, Direction, Editing, Motion Graphics

Polo Season 2014

Polo, the sport of kings, has a history steeped in tradition. And even though it still draws a traditional crowd, it has lately undergone a bit of a transformation. In an effort to draw larger crowds the polo events of recent years have had more of a festival feel to them with music events and food stalls.

Blue Tuna covers the European polo season for broadcast television, and I was involved in creating a promotional video that fully encompasses that festival feel. In addition I also provided on screen graphics for the actual polo coverage.

Role / Resposibilities: Graphics, Editing


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