Nexus Sparta

Nexus approached me to design a logo for their new sextoy "Sparta". I developed a logo taking the iconic Spartan helmet. The design evolved to include a Spartan "Seal of approval" to be used in marketing collateral. The colour pallate reflected ancient greek pottery, and in printed material gold foil will be used.

This product will be launched sometime late 2015.

Role / Resposibilities: Branding

The Library - Locations

Logo design and basic branding for London based location management company. The company focuses on hiring out heritage buildings for film and fashion shoots, and this is reflected in the branding by using a highly detailed illustration of two London town houses. In order to maintain a optimised level of detail the logo had to be scaled in three different sizes, each tailored to specific uses.

Role / Resposibilities: Branding

The Collective

The Collective is a new music video production agency that consists of several established directors and producers in the UK music scene. I was responsible for both the web design of their new website and as such also provided some initial ideas for the general branding of the group.

Whereas several of the directors came from a Grime/Garage background, the direction in which they wanted to take the look and feel of the brand was more of a creative fashion agency. I provided them a selection of logos which was a mix of their old logo reworked a bit and a few fresh ideas thrown in.

For more information of the web design go here

Role / Resposibilities: Branding, Web Design

Marylebone Ident Concept

Promotional video pitch for property developers St George to promote their high end redevelopment of a mid century art deco style house in Marylebone. I was tasked with creating the concepts for the video ident as well as CGI segments. Linking with the style of the building I drew inspiration from mid-century tourism posters and art deco architecture.

Role / Resposibilities: Concept, Graphic Design

Blue Tuna Group Rebrand Concept

Whilst working for Blue Tuna I was involved in a rebrand of their entire group of companies. Their practices vary from video production, film equipment hire and post production, but Blue Tuna is the main company under which they all operate.

Several approaches were attempted but the one that seemd to emerge as the strongest was to use the word "Blue" as a main focus and have the other part of the name gravitate around it.

Role / Resposibilities: Branding

Chloe Holland Logo

Chloe Holland, a costume and makup artist, approached me for a simple webdesign and logo design package.

A main focus of this logo was to ensure that it would make a good rubber stamp as this would be used on the majority of her stationary. Also a priority was that for the logo to look good stitched on to a clothing label.

We went through several stages in the development with hundreds of options. In the end we settled on a simple outlined box, and this box can also be seen as a reoccuring theme in her website.
See Web Design Portfolio here

Role / Resposibilities: Branding


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